JG Summit ventures into BPO business

August 3, 2010, 5:01pm


JG Summit is going into the business process outsourcing (BPO) business as demand for high-quality BPO services continues to rise.

ITech Global Business Solutions, Inc. (ITech Global), a PEZA-registred company, located at Robinsons Otis with an initial seat capacity of 777, aims to provide better customer service, technical support, telemarketing and tele-collections, market intelligence, financial services, IT services including SAP consulting & implementations services to clients.

The company provides both voice and non-voice solutions in the telecommunications, airline, real estate, hotel, retail and banking & finance industries in North America, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Singapore and other Asian countries.

“ITech is among the preferred BPO providers in the Philippines because of its ability to provide on-brand customer experience to clients at significantly lower costs. We add value by improving the clients’ overall operational efficiency while reducing operating expenses and program start-up risks. We leverage on our synergies with the other JG Summit companies to shorten mobilization time and client ramp-up requirements.” Arlene Aguilar, ITech Global’s General Manager said.

Robinsons Land Corp. (RLC) is the country’s biggest landlord of call centers and BPOs. RLC has established major BPO sites in Metro Manila that have become BPO hubs.

Regionally, RLC’s property locations, with BPO-designed spaces, extend to key urban areas of Cebu, Davao, Northern Luzon, and the Calabarzon.

The Philippines is considered a major player in the global BPO market and remains as a top destination because of the natural bent of Filipinos to serve and talent to adapt to various BPO requirements of different countries.

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